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Buying a car in Cologne

It is not enough to identify the dream car and save on it. It’s also important to time your purchase appropriately. This is to save big on the purchase price and also take advantage of some available offers.

We are quite experienced in this and that is why we decided to write this so that you are better informed in this area as well. We will highlight and examine in detail the best and worst times to buy a car.

The best times to buy a car are:

1. End of months and years

All in all, the end of the month is by far the best time to buy a new car. Studies upon studies have found that buying a car on the 30th or 31st of each month and year-ends like 12/29, 12/30 and 31.12. the best times are Buying a car during times like this can save you a whopping 8.5% or more. You should therefore endeavor to make your purchase coincide with these times as closely as possible.

2. Special Holidays and Special Times

In addition to the end of the month, special holidays and other special times also offer good opportunities for buying a new car. These include January 1st, Halloween, Memorial Day, Back to School, Labor Day and fairs. This is mainly because most consumers worry about the gifts they give at such times. Cars are never on their minds. According to the rules of economics, car prices fall at such times due to limited demand.

3. Especially when an existing model becomes obsolete

Also, the times when an existing model becomes obsolete is another perfect time to buy. This is because car dealers often want to dump their inventory to make room for newer versions. Therefore, they will often lower their prices in a way that will recoup their capital. At such times they never think of profit. You will most likely spend less if you buy a car of this type.

Also, when a new car model comes out, it’s a good time to buy an older or existing model. The same case should also apply when a competitor has a new car on the market.

4. Car dealers with less business

Not all car dealers are the same. Different retailers have different numbers of customers. Some have a larger customer base, mainly because they’ve been in business for so long. Others have fewer customers for the opposite reason: they have only been in operation for a short time.

According to the laws of supply and demand, higher demand leads to higher prices and lower demand leads to lower prices. As a result, dealers with more business typically charge more for the same make of car than dealers with less business.

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